SEKT was founded in 2016 by Fredrik Bengtsson, Mathias Strömberg and Milan Kosovic and is a multidisciplinary partnership with a focus on strategy and development for spatial, industrial, product and graphic design.



SEKT is a design trio operating from Stockholm and Malmö, consisting of Mathias Strömberg (creative strategist) , Fredrik Bengtsson (designer) and Milan Kosovic (industrial designer).


We believe that advertising is something you turn to when your product isn't good enough. That the future of marketing lies in product quality and presentation, not in maximizing number of views or quantity impact.


We have developed strategic design and communication concepts for discerning clients, ranging from multinational brands to startups and individuals. Our delivery varies: from workshops and consulting hours to entire brand systems, films, websites, and dealing with end producers.


We work iteratively with a cyclic process where we research, prototype, test and refine in close contact with our clients. This gives us serious insight along the way, as we develop and refine the story and the design through craft of the hightest calibre.



We fuse strategy and design with communication and storytelling to help both ourselves as well as external clients to solve problems in branding, concept & development, packaging and marketing of both products and services.


Our expertise lies in brand moving and developing design efforts within retail, fashion, outdoor, publishing and architecture. .


Our services are:

— Research and strategy

— Brand identity design

— Service design

— Physical and retail spaces

— Communication strategy

— Script writing & storytelling

— Editorial design

— Production and implementation

— Product design


Our projects are often kicked off design workshops and visual audits, which leads to brand alignment, redesign and concepts and then continues with production and design management .



At SEKT we love to work with other specialists in their respective fields. Production, digital platforms, physical spaces, 3D modeling, copywriting & content production. We consider it all too important to handle it ourselves and have therefore both close partnerships and a vast network with The Best of The Best available.


Preferred Partners


In our opinion, Swedens No. 1 retail space designer. Take a look at his stuff at: Studio Peter Lundbergh


Our go to-guys for doing stunning visuals – be it film or stills – both for clients or own creative endeavours. Have a look at the Dream Mill portfolio or e-mail us for reference cases!